Sunday, October 18, 2009

Haftarah Noach

My love shall not budge from you...
Haftarah Noach

Yeshayahu 54:10  The mountains may move and the hills may collapse, but My love shall not budge from you and My Covenant of shalom shall not fail, says the Merciful One, HaShem.

Even if G-d's oath to Noach were to falter and the foundations of earth were to fail, His oath to the Jewish people will stand for all times and His love for them will transcend Creation.

Even if the forefathers' and matriarchs' merits have come to an end, G-d's love for His people will not cease - their own closeness to G-d will earn them His Covenant of peace.

Your suffering in exile was to bring you back to Him, so that He be called your Holy One.  He is your Master who provides all your needs, both the material and the spiritual - surely He will bring you Redemption!

[MeAm Lo'ez]

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