Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father,

I wish to say the things I've never said of my impressions as your child, these thoughts are running through my head...

As far back as I can remember you guarded and watched over me each week as I eagerly awaited Shabbos, I saw the candles burning bright.

But there's still one thing I don't understand, why must your children be taken away, why must they be killed so soon?

Their earthly parents are stricken with grief because their children blew up before their eyes.  Your instruments are inhumane beings who have no care in the world.

They indiscriminately blow up babies, young children, parents and grandparents.  They are the same as every other nation who just want to destroy us.

Their jealousy overrides their common sense, their brains are filled with hate messages.  They think of themselves as martyrs awaiting their prize in heaven.

But what about the survivors, who keep the land from being overtaken?  They live in Yisrael, our homeland awaiting Mashiach's cry.

Here are the ones who move with life, holding the memories deep inside their hearts.  They withstand criticism from the world and their brothers alike.

The world sympathizes with the "Palestinians" plight, urging us to give them land.  While our soldiers, who are only young men, must see the devastation before their eyes.

The pools of blood shed by their brothers, the corpses that lay dead in the street.  Why do they deserve to see this horror, what have they done wrong?

(The soldiers are the ones who protect us, they care about all our lives.  They don't need to be ridiculed, they need your strength and support.)

Oh Almighty, hurry with the salvation for Your nation, for we are the Children of Yaakov, the Treasures of Avraham.

I know we can do our part on the home front too, take upon ourselves to say a Perek of Tehillim, or a mitzvah... renewing Your Light in the sacred Land of Tziyon!

(I hope that from reading this letter and the news reports, you take upon yourself something personal so Our Heavenly Father will listen to our voice.)

May HaKodesh, Baruch Hu, bring Mashiach speedily in our days...