Saturday, November 7, 2009

The One Whom G-d Loves

The One Whom G-d Loves

You may ask, is not a man often punished by G-d undeservedly?

The answer is that when suffering befalls a righteous man, it is on account of the love which G-d bears for him.  He crushes his body in order to give more power to his soul, so that He may draw him nearer in love. For it is needful that the body should be weak and the soul strong, so that a man may be beloved of G-d.

The Holy One inflicts suffering on the righteous in this world in order that they may merit the world to come.

But he who is weak of soul and strong of body is hated of G-d.

It is because G-d has no pleasure in him that He inflicts no pain upon him in this world, but permits his life to flow smoothly along with ease and comfort, in that for any virtuous act he may perform he receives his reward in this world, so that no portion should be left in the next world.

The righteous man, then, who is continually broken in body is the beloved of the Holy One, blessed be He.

Source:  Zohar